MYC4 is your opportunity to help grow small businesses in Africa.

Find a business that you like and be part of the development. You can lend as little as €5.
It is easy and simple. All amounts count.

You can see what MYC4 is all about in this short video.

Show your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter that you are part of helping African businesses grow – they might join you…


Finally I got going on MYC4.com! I have transferred money
and invested in three different small businesses in Tanzania,
Ghana and Senegal. And I have only just begun.

Instead of shopping for clothes and boredom on the Internet,
you can actually be part of creating the economic framework
for people in Africa, enabling them to fulfill their dreams
– or maybe just expand their business.

And it feels right and worthy: No charity. No ”Now I’m 
giving you my money in order for you to continue to feel
poor and for me to feel like a better person”.

On the contrary, it gives a feeling of equality and reciprocity.
And that is exactly the way it should be in a globalised world
between people who as a rule haven’t got the same
opportunities, but who have the same dreams and wishes:
 to be independent, to improve their lives, and above all to
be able to create a better life for their children.

You definitely want to be part of this as well, don’t you?

Love, Hella