Africa is growing like never before and it has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Yet more than 380 million people there don’t have access to a bank. This is a huge problem for Africa’s growth and prosperity because it’s typically the small businesses that can’t borrow money to expand and become more effective.

MYC4 has a solution for this and you are part of the solution.

MYC4 is an internet marketplace where you and investors from around the world can lend money directly to entrepreneurs who are doing business in Africa and create growth together with them. That means when the African business makes money as a result of your loan, you can also make money. MYC4 is a business – a business that creates growth – growth created by you.

By promoting business potential in Africa, it is possible to trigger long-term positive social impact. Funding speeds up economic growth and prosperity permeates through the lives of entrepreneurs, their families, employees and local community.