In January 2008, we begun the first of three rounds of inviting four co-founders onboard MYC4. MYC4 call the co-founders Musketeers. The Musketeers are a key part of MYC4’s strategy to become the preferred infrastructure to connect African people and countries with eachother and with the world - combining business activities, access to capital at fair interest rates and know-how – in order to end poverty before 2015.

The Musketeers will, besides investing in the growth of MYC4, act as ambassadors and catalysts for development of MYC4. 

Three rounds of each four Musketeers are planned. For more information please contact Mads Kjær,

Round One of Musketeers

Middelfart Sparekasse
Danish savings bank founded in 1853. The vision of Middelfart Sparekasse is to become the best savings bank in Denmark through values and self-management. In 2008 they came close to succeeding. They where awarded as the best workplace in Denmark and they was also awarded as the bank in Denmark with the best customer-service and the best online platform. Visit
Middelfart Sparekasse on the web.

Seiar Invest ApS – an investment company owned by Sebastian Arnstedt and Mathias Seidenfaden Busck.

DOEN Foundation
Doen Foundation is the fund of three Dutch charity lotteries: the Dutch Postcode Lottery, the BankGiro Lottery and the Sponsor Bingo Lottery. DOEN works towards the achievement of a livable world in which everyone has a place by supporting initiatives that are sustainable, entrepreneurial and/or extraordinary. DOEN Foundation has four fields of operation: Sustainable Development worldwide and Culture, Welfare and Social Cohesion in the Netherlands. DOEN provides grants where necessary, and arranges loans and equity investments where possible.

A portion of the contributions made by the
Dutch National Postcode lottery is used by DOEN Foundation to improve access to financial services in developing countries as part of our Sustainable Entrepreneurship programme. DOEN considers access to finance an important tool for sustainable development and civil society building. Access to financial services such as credit and savings enables small and medium sized enterprises to further develop their economic activities, guaranteeing a better income and raising the overall standard of living for themselves, their family and their employees.

Motivation for becoming a MYC4 Musketeer: The aim of DOEN Foundation is to improve the supply of financial services to new microfinance and SME investment initiatives, and to promote sustainable initiatives that strengthen the financial sector. In that way DOEN is always looking for innovative projects which strengthen the financial sector in developing countries. DOEN has found such a partner in MYC4, because they use an innovative technology and model to connect entrepreneurs in Africa with investors directly.

Round two of Musketeers

d.o.b foundation

d.o.b foundation, based in the Netherlands, is a private non-profit organization for development cooperation. d.o.b foundation invests in social entrepreneurs who identify commercial opportunities in social issues in Africa and the Netherlands. d.o.b foundation applies the venture philanthropy model to investments: d.o.b offers risk-bearing capital with a focus on social and financial results and an active involvement over the long term: d.o.b provides multi-year financial and non-financial support. 

d.o.b is building a portfolio of 15 investments by 2011, providing different showcases to prove that it is possible to create social and financial return and to share innovative business models that can be scaled and replicated with those interested.

Visit d.o.b foundation on the web.