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avatar image MYC4 STAFF
Level 6
  Software Development moves to Copenhagen
Posted 24.08.2009 17:31 CET | Edited 22.09.2018 10:38 CET

Dear Community,

After long and careful consideration, MYC4 has decided to move the software development department from Kampala, Uganda, to the Copenhagen office. The decision is made in close connection with MYC4’s strategic focus on streamlining the organization by focusing all efforts on (a) building a solid and scalable IT platform, (b) creating a strong basis for growth in Africa, and (c) improving the capacity and quality with MYC4’s current Partners.

There are two crucial reasons behind this decision:

  • Creating an effective cooperation between Copenhagen and Kampala has proven too complex. The Development Team in Kampala is strong and hardworking, but the current setup does not allow us the close dialog, sharing of ideas, productivity and flexibility that we require. To give an example of the challenges - the internet connection to the Kampala office, which we share with another company, is one of the best available, yet it is only 750 Kbits/second and is expensive (30,000 DKK/month).
  • The overhead costs are too high. Especially “hidden costs” for travel, slower development, waiting time and rework due to difficulties in communication.
Initially we saw a lot of benefits from having the software development team located in Africa. However, after having kept trying to improve to set up and make development run flexibly, we must face the fact that the setup is too complex to meet the demands and goals for MYC4’s development. Therefore, over a transition period of 2 months, the Kampala Office will be closed and a software development department established in Copenhagen.

The nine staff members in the Kampala Office will be affected from this decision. Six of the staff will immediately be released with minimum one month’s full salary or more in accordance with their contracts (in Uganda there is normally no notice period). Three other staff will be asked to stay and ensure a smooth transition period and one will be offered to move to Denmark to continue working for MYC4. MYC4 will do our utmost to make the situation as painless as possible for all. 

Despite the fact that this is a difficult situation with personal as well as practical consequences, we are confident that it is the only thing to do in order to meet MYC4’s mission and vision and ensure the long term quality and scalability of the platform.

Questions related to this decision are of course welcome either here on the Forum or directly to CTO Steven Thomas ;

Kind regards,
Mads Kjær, CEO

avatar image Waya
Level 9
  Software Development moves to Copenhagen
Posted 24.08.2009 17:56 CET | Edited 25.04.2015 05:24 CET

It is a pity, but understandable. Good luck with the move. I always liked the idea, you were also helping create development jobs in Uganda, but I can relate to the problems.

(And yes - we all want fast development of the platform.) 

avatar image MYC4 STAFF
Level 6
  Software Development moves to Copenhagen
Posted 24.08.2009 18:09 CET | Edited 28.12.2014 01:05 CET

Hi Waya,

Thanks for your input! I couldn't agree more, and your kind of understanding is exactly what we are hoping for. There was no easy answer to the decision, since there are both up- and downsides with both scenarios. Yet, we are confident this is the right decision to take, just as we are confident that this way, we can create far more workplaces in Africa in the long run. Also, we keep our presence in Africa with the office in Nairobi, and as MYC4 grows, the need for more MYC4 employees in Africa will grow as well.

Best regards and have a nice evening,
Mille Klink

avatar image Jørgen Okholm
Level 10
  Software Development moves to Copenhagen
Posted 24.08.2009 20:39 CET

I congratulate MYC4 with this dicission.

Of course its painfull on the short track. But in the long run its the only right thing to do.

This dicission also commits MYC4 which is neccsary to attract new investors.

And we need more to achive our common goal in 2015.

Keep on the good work ! Its so needed.

avatar image Jan Steffensen
Level 7
  Software Development moves to Copenhagen
Posted 24.08.2009 21:46 CET

Maybe you should offer some of the fired workers to get a myc4 loan so they can start their own programming bussness, i am sure if they are skilled in programming they can do some kind of freelance programming, also for myc4, if you can describe the project in details and make it little and clean cutted.

In that way we can help them to keep in work, but ofcause it have to be skilled people, otherwise it will not help.

I would also look onto a department in that way, that if you could get more for less in another place, like you have calculated here, then it could only go too slow to move the task.

And it is not allways the right place to be, where the hour price is the lowest.

Best Regards

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