Rehema Hillar Hassani

Rehema H Hassani is a hard-working and committed business woman from Kimara Baruti. She is very dedicated and determined to develop her business further. In addition to this salon, she owns and runs another business where she rents small shop shelter frames. Rehema is honest, trustful and willing to pay back on time.
Business Details
Business name Rehema Hillar Hassani
Primary area of activity Personal Care - Services
Other area of activity Real Estate - Other
In operation since 2008
Legal status Registered
Audited financial statements Not Available
Net monthly income (€) 1,001 - 2,500
No of employees 2
No of female employees 2
No of employees w higher education 0
Location Kimara baruti, Kinondoni, Dar es salaam
Country Tanzania
Provider change2africa
Existing Loans
Loans with MYC4
AmountStatusAs of 
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