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Population (million): 44.3
Income per capita (EUR p.a. ): 1116.9
Life expectancy at birth (years): 59.5
Currency: KES
Businesses Funded:
10,048,110.22 EUR in 10482 Businesses
Repayments Received (EUR):8,153,378.49
Avg. annual currency change against EUR in the past 3 years:3.01%

Currency History

Kenya is the strongest economy in East Africa and is generally seen as a good example in terms of development. Kenyans are known for their ambition and creativity - thereby keeping their economy vibrant. While the country suffers from typical problems, like poor infrastructure and institutional corruption, it enjoys an abundance of natural resources and a key geo-positioning as the gatekeeper for East African trade routes.

MYC4's expansion to Kenya followed its expansion to Uganda in late 2007. The two countries' similarities in regulatory framework and MYC4's existing network, were the motivating factors for the expansion. By April 2008, Kenya had the most MYC4 providers from any single country, driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of its citizens.

The Kenyan Shilling (KSH) has, historically, been relatively stable against the Euro with low seasonal fluctuations. Recently, however, the Shilling has taken part in the general East African trend of depreciation and depreciated strongly against the Euro. Kenya applies a 15% withholding tax on interests earned, which is applied to investor and MYC4 earnings.
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