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avatar image Mads Kjær
Level 10
  Situation in Kenya
Posted 09.01.2008 16:54 CET | Edited 24.08.2015 10:40 CET

Hi Stig,

You can read more here and it looks like our Opportunities will be coming around well.  MADS

avatar image Stig Christensen
Level 9
  Situation in Kenya
Posted 09.01.2008 11:01 CET | Edited 12.04.2015 11:53 CET

Does MYC4 have an overview of the active opportunities, that is unable to pay there
loans due to the unrest in Kenya?
Personnally I don't mind the late paying, if the course is the situation in Kenya..


avatar image Olsen
Level 8
  Situation in Kenya
Posted 04.01.2008 20:20 CET | Edited 21.04.2015 07:12 CET

I can only agree that the violence and killing needs to stop asap.

That said - im also very worried about the reports about "election irregularities".

avatar image Oelfam Investments
Level 9
  Situation in Kenya
Posted 03.01.2008 15:21 CET | Edited 03.01.2008 15:24 CET

I really hope you're right in terms with things are getting better..

The violence needs to stop.

avatar image Mikkel Boye Hauger
Level 10
  Situation in Kenya
Posted 03.01.2008 08:24 CET | Edited 03.01.2008 08:27 CET

Intereting to hear a first hand report!

Your report differs quite a lot from how the situation was described in Danish media yesterday.
They talked about escalating violence, about starting to evacuate tourist, aid organisations mowing their workes...and about a possible tribal war as a possible scenario - al this illustated with bleeding people in the streets!

I guess media always looks for maksimum drama - but the difference is dramatic i think.

I hope your report are the most acurate and that things will settle soon

avatar image GrowthAfrica
Level 10
  Situation in Kenya
Posted 02.01.2008 11:05 CET | Edited 21.05.2019 03:35 CET

Dear investors & MyC4 community,

It probably hasn't escaped your attention that the Kenyan elections didn't go a smoothly as we had all hoped and has resulted in a lot of unrest, violence, destruction and even deaths.

As I type (noon, 2nd January) things are slowly getting back to normal in Nairobi. The situation is also improving in Mombasa, though we are yet to get the same good news from the central Rift Valley, Western and Nyanza provinces.

We should have a full overview in terms of the wether any of the opportunities funded via MyC4 has been affected by the unrest by Monday (7th January).

Once safe to do so, we will look at the areas in Nairobi affected by the unrest and wether affordable funding will make a difference in the affected people's lives in terms of re-establishing their businesses. So stay tuned for opportunities that will help get Kenya and its enterprising people back to normal - your investment may make a huge difference.

The best regards and wishes for a progressive and successful 2008,

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